Regional Council Kassel /Germany
February - 04 March 2003

View on the back projection in the window 
of the conference hall, 4 by 6 metres

The most consequent live photogram presentation interacting with the public situtation was „DTP im RP“ - Desktop Publishing im Regierungspräsidium. At the regional council of Kassel with about 600 employees he „published“ objects from the desktop of the offices putting them on a video chip and projecting the abstract light impressions in the large window of the conference hall. So the abstract inner life of such an institution was communicated to the public. By intranet the employees had been informed from which office the objects were published in the evening.

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View on the regional council with
the projection during sunset

Using the photogram Tim Otto Roth does not refer to the artistic tradition of the 1920‘s but to the scientific use photograms as documentation medium. The power of his photogram work is based in the ambiguity of appearance and representation: Although the video chip photograms appear like changing colour spaces he perceives his video chip photograms as certain kind of documentary: „You would never say an x-ray is an abstract light space.“

Lichtkompositionen - a review by Dagmar Keultjes (Artefact 2003)

View from the "Aue" park

Special thanks to Michael Conrad, Communication Department, Regierungspräsidium Kassel.